My Compass

PPKC as partner is participating in project MY COMPASS “My Community Passport – Key Competencies for Minor Offender Reintegration” (Leonardo da Vinci TOI)

Aim: to support juvenile offenders in training in the acquisition and usage of key competencies to facilitate personal development, employability and participation to further education, by developing a multi-level framework of experts, materials, learning contexts.


  • increasing the level of employability of 100 juvenile offenders by introduction of at least 3 key competencies in their training program through MyCOMPASS method.
  • facilitating the transition phase from vocational training in detention to vocational training in public school system, using the key competencies as a connection point between 100 juvenile inmates and 50 of their peers from 5 communities through MyCOMPASS Peer-learning program .
  • increasing the level of attractiveness of vocational education programs in detention by putting together 50 educators from inside and outside the system to implement key competency based learning programs through MyCOMPASS Train the Trainer-learning program .
  • promoting social inclusion of juvenile offenders by:
    • involvement of local communities in all the project activities through a consulting group of 50 community members working with MyCOMPASS team at the development of strategy, testing of learning programs, implementation of MyCOMPASS Framework.
    • 5 community workshops for presenting MyCOMPASS in terms of reintegration by key competencies.

The above stated situation of the juvenile offenders will improve:

  • at European level by putting their difficulties and issues on the public agenda;
  • at national level by implementing a coherent training program that takes them from education inside the system to education in the outside community, with prepared experts and dedicated materials & method, having key competencies as common language;
  • at community level by working together with their peers and coming into contact with persons from outside and thus preparing social and economic reintegration.

MyCOMPASS is designed to contribute to the promotion of the acquisition of key competences in VET. Key competencies are the linking pin of all project activities. And we push forward the usage of key competencies, not only as tools of personal development and employability or means to increase VET attractiveness, but also as engines of social and economic reintegration of juvenile offenders. And this is truly an innovative approach.

Project web page you can visit there: